Learn How To Become A Cybersecurity Specialist

The NICCS Education and Training Catalog helps cybersecurity professionals find over 6,000 cybersecurity-related courses. Controlling all aspects of cybersecurity for an organization involves the expertise of many trained professionals. Top positions in cybersecurity include security auditor, security software developer, security manager, and security architect. As a discipline how to become a security specialist within network engineering, this field covers protection against breaches for interconnected electronics rather than individual databases or devices. Network security professionals use firewalls, physical hardware and education efforts to safeguard against intrusions and retain lost data. Enforcement officers tend to reach similar levels of education than security specialists.

Traditionally, network operations and IT technology supplemented the core business. But increasingly, the success of a business relies on the success and capability of its network. As a result, employees dedicated full time to cybersecurity have gone from being a luxury to a necessity.


Security specialists implement cybersecurity measures that protect an organization’s computer networks and systems. Security specialists also secure data networks, intercept security breaches, and make changes to improve security. According to Payscale, major companies paying security specialists well above the national average include the Boeing Company, the Walt Disney Company, and American Express Co. Aspiring cybersecurity specialists may also find ample opportunities in companies like CACI International Inc, American Electric Power, and IBM. Technology companies employ the highest number of information security specialists.

Public safety officers tend to earn a lower pay than security specialists by an average of $13,296 per year. Discover the steps to become a security specialist, including education and work experience. Cybersecurity careers can lead to advanced opportunities as workers gain experience. Potential jobs with higher earning potential include chief security officer and computer systems manager.

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Cybersecurity specialists perform crucial work in protecting sensitive digital information and communications. These professionals work with public and private employers of all sizes to ensure the safety of data for customers, government entities and healthcare organizations. Cybersecurity specialists defend and improve computer and network systems. They help government agencies, military organizations, and companies of all sizes secure their data. These specialists collaborate with other computer personnel to bolster technology systems.

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As the cyber environment is ever changing, cybersecurity specialists must stay on top of new developments and technology. Many certifications require continuing education for maintenance of those credentials. Jobs for cybersecurity specialists are available within both the public sector and private sector. Just about every company has a need for cybersecurity professionals, which means that cybersecurity specialists should easily be able to find employment.